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Most communities on DW seem to be inactive. As for my two communities, I'm going to attempt to keep things active and stimulate discussion with themed discussion entries at least once a week. If you have thoughts on the topic or questions I'm posting, feel free to join in the discussion or ask questions.

This week, we should talk about SETI, the organization for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

Carl Sagan openly supported the pursuit of intelligent life in the universe. Do you think that SETI is worthwhile? Why or why not?

Perhaps the answer to that question can be understood from asking yourself these questions:

(1) Do you think there is other life in the universe? (2) Do you think there is intelligent life out there? (3) If intelligent life is out there, do you think it would be advanced enough for us to contact it? (4) Do you think there is life out there more advanced than us? (5) What kinds of other difficulties do you think would make contact with other intelligent life difficult? (6) Do you think we're close or far from detecting life (intelligent or non)? (7) Do you think that the benefits of contacting intelligent life make the cost of SETI worth it? (8) Do you think humans have already contacted intelligent life? (9) Do you think your government is involved in technology exchange with intelligent extra-terrestrials?

And lastly, do you process data for SETI on your computer using SETI@home?


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